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The Academy of Craft Training (ACT) is a National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) training program for area high school students. The program began in the 2016-17 school year as a partnership between Alabama Builders and Contractors (ABC) and the ALSDE. Students attend the training site, located at the Alabama Workforce Training Center in Birmingham, and receive two class periods of training each school day while completing their core subjects at Vestavia Hills High School. These classes are by invitation and interview only, for more information see Coach Essig in H353.


  • HVAC

  • Masonry

  • Welding

  • Electrical

  • Building Construction




Introduction to Drafting Design 

provides essential information that builds a strong foundation for the entire program. Emphasis is placed on student safety, tools and procedures, geometric construction, sketching, dimensioning practices, visualization, and orthographic projection concepts. ComputerAided Drafting (CAD) functions and techniques using CAD software applications are introduced. Upon successful completion of this course, students are able to utilize the tools and interpret basic drafting standards to complete a multi-view drawing.

(Grades 9-12)

3-D Solid Model Design

is intended to provide students the opportunity to explore 3-D Modeling. Emphasis is placed on working planes, profile creation, protrusions, and rendering techniques. Students create 2-D part drawings relative to 3-D models. Advanced students may elect to study principles of 3-D Animation. Students are encouraged to research, develop, and present a career-related project.

(Grades 10-12) 

Architectural Design

introduces students to the basic terminology, concepts, and principles of the architectural design field. Emphasis is placed on floor plan layout, electrical layout, foundations, typical elevations, and sectional drawings. Upon completion of this course, students are able to draw a basic residential architectural construction drawing.

(Grades 10-12)




Foundations of Health Science - Fundamentals of Sports Medicine

is a one-credit course that introduces students to a wide range of health careers. Integrated academics combined with health care knowledge and skills provide the framework for a strong health care delivery system in the twenty-first century. This course is the prerequisite for all the health science courses. It is recommended for students who want to prepare for further study in an array of health-related fields at the postsecondary level. Fee required.

(Grades 9-12)

Sports Medicine Intermediate 

Sports Medicine Intermediate is a one credit course that teaches fundamental skills to include therapeutic exercise regimens within the field of sports medicine. Students will explore the study of sports medicine and the relationship to risk management and injury prevention. Students will demonstrate an understanding of anatomy and physiology, with emphasis on the musculoskeletal system. The importance of health promotion, wellness, injury and disease prevention will be emphasized. Students will examine sports medicine facilities, policies, procedures, and protocols utilized in patient care. Career and technical student organizations are integral, co-curricular components of each career and technical education course. These organizations serve as a means to enhance classroom instruction while helping students develop leadership abilities, expand workplace-readiness skills, and broaden opportunities for personal and professional growth. Fee required.

(Grades 10-12) 


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