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Data Analytics Pathway

Business Software Applications I

is a one-credit course that emphasizes the skills required to create, edit, and publish industry-appropriate documents. Areas of instruction include the integration of word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, database management, and presentation software as well as the use of emerging technologies. Students will have the opportunity to gain industry-recognized credentials to document basic computer skills needed for future education or employment. This course satisfies the Career Prep A requirement and counts as a Career and Technical Education (CTE) credit. This is the foundation class for all of the Business Pathways.

Credential: Microsoft Office Specialist 2019/Office 365 (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)


Data Analytics

is a one-credit specialized course designed to introduce statistics and the application of statistics to business decision-making. It covers the design and development of financial applications using the tools available in statistical analysis software to analyze data and convert into useful information. It focuses on utilizing software applications and appropriate methods to collect data and provide clients with useful information to reach valid conclusions resulting in sound business decisions. 


Career Pathway Project In Business Management & Administration

is a capstone course designed for students who have completed two or more Career and Technical Education credits from the same pathway. This course allows students to utilize the knowledge and skills gained through their secondary coursework in a practical, real-world experience that showcases their learning. It provides an opportunity for a student to choose an area of interest and explore it in depth while demonstrating problem-solving, decision-making, and independent-learning skills. The CPP contributes to an educational plan of challenging courses and practical experiences that prepares students for the workplace or for pursuing further education. During the CPP, the student works with his or her coordinating teacher, academic teachers, and a product or process mentor who has expertise in the student’s field of study. At the conclusion of the CPP, the student presents or demonstrates the knowledge gained to an audience consisting of the coordinating teacher, academic teachers, the mentor, peers, and community and business representatives. This course receives an honor point.

Prerequisites: Current Career Tech Teacher approval.


CTE Lab In Business Management & Administration

CTE Lab in Business Management and Administration is designed to enhance the student’s general understanding and mastery of the cluster. This course is designed as a learning laboratory to support students’ individual interests and goals. This laboratory may take place in a traditional classroom, in an industry setting, or in a virtual learning environment.  

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