Designed to help students understand the basic principles of the accounting cycle. Emphasis is placed on analyzing and recording business transactions; preparing and interpreting financial statements, accounting systems, banking and payroll activities; identifying basic types of business ownership; and participating in an orientation to careers in accounting.


(Grades 10-12) One credit course


Finance Pathway




is a one-credit course that uses an integrated approach to teach accounting.  Students first learn how businesses plan for and evaluate their operating, financing and investing decisions and then how accounting systems gather and provide data to internal and external decisions makers.  This year-long course covers all the learning objectives of a traditional college level financial accounting course, plus those from a managerial accounting course. Topics include an introduction to accounting, accounting information systems, time value of money, and accounting for merchandising firms, sales and receivables, fixed assets, debt and equity. Other topics include statement of cash flows, financial ratios, cost-volume profit analysis and variance analysis.  Students will receive an honor point for this course.


Prerequisite:  “C” average in Accounting or A/B Honor Roll. Current career tech teacher approval.


(Grades 11-12) One credit course

Honors accounting


is a half-credit, second semester course. Introduces students to the management of personal and family resources to achieve personal goals and financial literacy. Content provides opportunities for students to explore consumer behavior, laws and legislation, consumer protection, consumer rights and responsibilities, consumer decision making, advertising and promotional techniques, individual and family money management, banking services, use of credit, income tax, technology, and careers in providing financial services to individuals and families. This course may be paired with Law in Society. 


(Grades 10-12) One-half credit course



Personal Finance 


is a one-half credit course designed to provide students with an overview of the principles of business finance. The curriculum focuses on economics, marketing, accounting procedures, and the global financial market. Specific content standards to be included in each of the courses are indicated in the Course of Study chart. This course may be paired with Personal Finance

(Grades 10-12) One-half credit course



Business Finance