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Work-Based Learning


Work-based learning is a college preparatory program that provides an opportunity for students to obtain internship or apprenticeship experiences through paid or non-paid work-based learning. Students may work in professional business environments or non-profit organizations such as a research program to obtain experience in their field of interest.


Additionally, students may choose to work in a business related to their chosen college major such as an Accounting firm, Engineering firm, Law firm, or any other business. Students will meet with the Work Based Learning (WBL) coordinator one day per week during 4th or 5th period. Once the student’s course requirements are met each day at VHHS, the student will be dismissed from school.


Students may be dismissed after 4th, 5th, or 6th period depending on the student’s schedule. Students will receive up to (2) credits per year for Work Based Learning. Students are required to work 140 hours for each credit, but continuous employment is required throughout the school year. Students are required to take Business Software Applications or any career tech course prior to enrolling in this program.


Interested students must submit an application, secure teacher recommendations, and contact the WBL Coordinator, Steve Brooks at School records of attendance, discipline, and scholastic ability (C average) will be considered.


Students must meet requirements and be approved by the WBL coordinator for enrollment in the course. More information may be found on the school website, under the students and families section.

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