Sports & Entertainment Marketing Fundamentals



Sports and Entertainment Marketing is a one credit specialized course designed to offer students an opportunity to gain knowledge and develop skills related to the growing sports and entertainment industry. Sports Marketing addresses such diverse products as the sporting event itself, its athletes, sports facilities or locations, sporting goods, personal training, and sports information. Entertainment marketing includes events such as fairs, concerts, trade shows, festivals, plays, product launches, and causes. Students will develop skills in the areas of merchandising, advertising, public relations/ publicity, event marketing, sponsoring, ticket distribution, and career opportunities as they relate to the sports an entertainment industry. Students will foster a realistic understanding of the business environment in which marketing activities are performed and develop an understanding and appreciation of business ethics. Students will have the opportunity to help broadcast VHHS games through the Rebel Nation Sports Network. Technology, employability skills, leadership and communications will be incorporated in classroom activities.

Prerequisite:  Career Preparedness; Current career tech teacher approval.


(Grades 10-12) One credit course



is a half-credit, second semester course.Introduces students to the management of personal and family resources to achieve personal goals and financial literacy. Content provides opportunties for students to explore consumer behavior, laws and legislation, consumer protection, consumer rights and responsibilities, consumer decision making, advertising and promotional techniques, individual and family money management, banking services, use of credit, income tax, technology, and careers in providing financial services to individuals and families. This course may be paired with Law in Society. 


(Grades 10-12) One-half credit course



Personal Finance 

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